Monday, 25 March 2019

USAID IUWASH PLUS E-Newsletter 7th Edition March 2019

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USAID IUWASH PLUS E-Newsletter 7th edition, March 2019 coincides with the 2019 World Water Day. Celebrated every March 22, the World Water Day calls for an action to tackle global water crisis. The World Water Day this year brings the theme of ‘Leaving No One Behind’. It is an adaptation of the Sustainable Development Goals 6: ensure availability and sustainability of water and sanitation for all. To celebrate the 2019 World Water Day, we begin the E-Newsletter 7th edition, March 2019 with a story of the long fight of a family in Surabaya city to access piped water at home. The next story is an article winning the Photo and Story Competition for 2019 World Water Day held by USAID IUWASH PLUS. The story tells about the family of a meatball soup seller in Bekasi city who has benefited from communal water supply system. Still about access to water, the next story is about efforts of PDAM Barru in South Sulawesi  to refine its business plan to improve services. Moving on to sanitation, we present a short report on Bappenas and USAID IUWASH PLUS participation in the 5th International Fecal Sludge Management Conference in South Africa. From North Sumatra, we present a story on a partnership between  the Tebing Tinggi City Health Office and Bank Sumut to provide healthy toilets with septic tanks for low-income community members. We conclude this E-Newsletter with a story of the hard works of  Agus, a sanitarian entrepreneur from Sukoharjo district in Central Java, to reduce open defecation practices in his area.
We hope that all stories in this E-Newsletter are inspiring.
Happy reading!

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