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Multi-Stakeholder Partnership for Master Meter System Improves Urban Water Access

Multi-Stakeholder Partnership for Master Meter System Improves Urban Water Access

Millions of people in Indonesia live in areas unreachable by PDAM standard pipes for regular connections, such as informal areas, and they do not have access to regular PDAM service. Consequently, these community members pay more for water or use unsafe water sources.

In Surabaya, PDAM Surya Sembada – Surabaya city-owned water utility – estimates that 2% of 3 million Surabayans did not have access to PDAM water in 2018.

To address this issue, USAID IUWASH PLUS supports PDAM Surya Sembada to engage the private sector to build master meter systems in informal settlements.

As part of the 2019 World Water Day Celebration, USAID IUWASH PLUS and CCFI conducted an inauguration ceremony for the master meter system construction supported by CCFI on March 22, 2019 in Bubutan urban village.

During the inauguration, USAID Mission Director, Erin McKee; the Director of Urban, Housing, and Settlements of Bappenas, Tri Dewi Virgiyanti; US Consul General, Mark McGovern; the Service Director of PDAM Surya Sembada, Anizar Firmadi; and CCFI Director, Titie Sadarini inaugurated the master meter system construction and had an opportunity to observe the house connections in the beneficiaries’ houses and talked with them about their current water access and expectations of the master meter system.

Mustofa, a resident of Bubutan urban village, said that his family spends more than Rp50.000/month to buy water for drinking and cooking only, while for bathing, laundry, and other purposes, Mustofa and his family use water from his murky and mossy shallow well.

“Water is very important. I hope with the master meter, we can enjoy cleaner water at home,” said Mustofa.

Since 2018, PDAM Surya Sembada, with support from USAID IUWASH PLUS, has established multi-stakeholder partnerships with four private firms for the master meter program in Surabaya where CCFI is the major contributor.

“Water is Coca-Cola’s main priority because our business operation uses water as the main raw material. In addition, water accessibility for community members is the main agenda of our business sustainability,” said Titie Sadarini, the Director of CCFI.

Besides CCFI, PDAM Surya Sembada also works with PT Laneige, PTPN XI, and Yayasan Pundi Amal SCTV for the master meter program in Surabaya. This multi-stakeholder partnership is expected to build 30 master meter systems with 1,200 house connections to serve 6.000 people. As of March 2019, 1,600 people have benefitted from this program.

The Director or Urban, Housing, and Settlement of Bappenas, Tri Dewi Virgiyanti expects that the master meter program is also conducted by other PDAMs.

“Master meter is expected to become an innovation that could be implemented in other areas to provide community living in informal area with access to water. I hope PDAM Surya Sembada could share its experiences with other PDAMs through learning forum,” said Tri Dewi Virgiyanti.

To conclude the celebration, the journalists participated in a media discussion on the current water access situation in Surabaya and how a master meter system could help to improve the people’s access to water.

-Andri Pujikurniawati-

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