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Marketing Strategy of L2T2 by PD PAL Jaya

As a public company owned by DKI Jakarta Provincial Government which is focusing in providing domestic wastewater management service, PD PAL Jaya realizes that marketing is very important so that service products offered by PD PAL Jaya can be known, accepted, and ultimately create new demand in community. For achieving that, PD PAL Jaya has implemented a number of innovations in desludging service, in the form of Scheduled Desludging Services (in Bahasa known as Layanan Lumpur Tinja Terjadwal/L2T2) that covering 3 main aspects, namely marketing, tariff, and service.

L2T2 is part of wastewater management activities conducted by PD PAL Jaya since mid 2015 through cooperation with previous USAID IUWASH project. The implementation of domestic wastewater management aims to improve access to safe sanitation and domestic wastewater services (safely managed), so as to achieve improved community quality-of-life and a better and healthier environment.

To introduce its service products, PD PAL Jaya choose to make a direct approach to the community, namely by placing personnel and desludging vehicles directly at the kelurahan (a community unit) level. This approach is conducted under collaboration with strategic partners from government elements such as Kelurahan, RT/RW, and the community element which includes PKK (family welfare initiative unit) and Waste Bank.

(Shinta Nurwulan/USAID IUWASH PLUS) L2T2 PD PAL Jaya workers demonstrating desludging during launching of Grebeg Kelurahan L2T2 in Pademangan Barat on March 27, 2017.

To attract customers’ interest in the L2T2 program, PD PAL Jaya launched a different marketing strategy from existing desludging services. The innovative marketing strategy of PD PAL Jaya is by packing L2T2 Program in an attracting event, called Grebeg  Kelurahan. The Grebeg Kelurahan marketing method is carried out through a series of activities, namely the launching of Grebeg L2T2 in the kelurahan, distributing leaflets and posters, opening Grebeg L2T2 booths, demonstration of desludging service, door-to-door marketing, empowering the community, and providing rewards to the households who join the L2T2 program; those rewards include family sanitation tools such as soap, detergent, floor brush, dishwashing brush, and also lottery prize, which is an 32-inch TV and mobile phone.”Basically, Grebeg L2T2 program is a door to door service system conducted by personnels to expain and offer desludging service periodically from 1 to 3 years,” explained Subekti, Director of PD PAL Jaya.

For 2017, PD PAL Jaya targets 6 kelurahans with 500 households in each kelurahan. In February 2017, Grebeg Kelurahan was started and implemented in Kelurahan Pekojan , Tambora Sub-district, West Jakarta and has 32 subscribers from low income community. In Kelurahan Pademangan Barat, West Jakarta, Grebeg Kelurahan was launched in March 2017. Next targeted kelurahans by Grebeg L2T2 are Rawamangun and Pulogadung (East Jakarta), Lenteng Agung (South Jakarta) and Kelapa Gading (North Jakarta). “Through this Grebeg L2T2 is expected can improve clean and healthy life behavior (PHBS) as well as welfare of the community,” said Dini Paramita Sapaty, Lurah Pademangan Barat, in her speech at the launching ceremony of Grebeg Kelurahan in Pademangan Barat on March 27, 2017.

(Andrio Adiwibowo/USAID IUWASH PLUS) Launching of Grebeg Kelurahan L2T2 in Kelurahan Pademangan Barat on March 27, 2017.

To support the above marketing strategy, PD PAL Jaya’s next innovation is to offer a competitive service tariff accompanied by great service. Desludging service usually provided by private or government’s company. Meanwhile, L2T2 service offered by PD PAL Jaya has more competitive tariff and also offers convenience for its customers. For example, tariff for desludging service offered by private company ranges from 450 to 600 thousand rupiah and cannot be paid through installment. On the contrary, PD PAL Jaya offers a tariff for only 330 thousand rupiah with ease, which can be repaid 3 times, with every installment for only 110 thousand.

Beside that competitive tariff, PD PAL Jaya provides excellent service for customers. Several innovations in desludging service that have been implemented by PD PAL Jaya include applying the service procedure, for example by explaining first to customers regarding the cost, technique/procedure, damage impact that may occur due to desludging process, applying occupational health safety (OHS) principles, by using facemasks, helmets, work clothes, boots, gloves, flashlights,, equip the desludging vehicles with traffic signs, and equip the workers with official assignment letter from PD PAL and kelurahan.

PD PAL Jaya strives to improve its performance and services by collaborating with USAID IUWASH PLUS with regards to L2T2 concept and marketing strategy, assistance, determining market locations, and monitoring and evaluation of Grebeg Kelurahan. “USAID IUWASH PLUS support is certainly expected to accelerate the achievement of L2T2 target market in DKI especially in targeted area,” said Subekti, Director of PD PAL Jaya.

(Andrio Adiwibowo/USAID IUWASH PLUS) PD PAL Jaya providing excellent service for customers by applying OHS Principles to its workers.

(Taufik Sugandi/USAID IUWASH PLUS) Desludging vehicle of PD PAL Jaya.



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