Thursday, 20 September 2018

USAID IUWASH PLUS E-Newsletter 5th Edition September 2018

Buletin Elektronik


First of all, we would like to welcome the new readers of USAID IUWASH PLUS E-Newsletter. In the USAID IUWASH PLUS E-Newsletter, September 2018 edition, we present inspirational stories of the project’s partners at the national and local level to deliver and promote safe water and safely-managed sanitation access to community members. This E-Newsletter edition begins with a short report on the study visit of the Government of Indonesia representatives to the Philippines to advance Water Safety Plan in Indonesia. Moving to Tangerang district, the Housing, Settlements, and Cemetery Office uses mWater, an Android-based survey application, to verify data of the potential GEBRAK PAKUMIS recipients. From Central Java, we present a story of an RT chief who unceasingly convinces his community members to get connected to a communal wastewater treatment plant. A story of champion also exists among the government officials in East Java. Endah Mardiana, a staff of Lumajang Public Works and Spatial Planning Office, becomes a motor for domestic wastewater management improvement. This E-Newsletter ends with a story on toilet construction for poor households in Kelurahan Mangkoso in Barru district, South Sulawesi using the latrine grant to make the urban village free from open defecation practices. Hopefully, this E-Newsletter’s September 2018 Edition is useful and inspiring. Happy Reading!

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