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Water and Sanitation APBD Index


The APBD Water and Sanitation (WatSan) Index is a spreadsheet-based tool to monitor the extent to which local governments are allocating funding to water and sanitation services. IUWASH uses this tool to build awareness of water and sanitation funding levels and advocate for increased resources in accordance with the needs of a local government’s citizenry. IUWASH first began tracking annual municipal budgets (APBD) allocations for the water sector in 2011 and has collected data from 50 local governments across Indonesia.


The WatSan APBD Index is to facilitate the collection, organization, and analysis of water and sanitation budget allocations. A fundamental objective of the IUWASH Project is to bolster local government awareness of their responsibility to provide water and sanitation services to their constituents and advocate for a commensurate level of public investment. One aspect of this awareness building and advocacy process is the analysis of the level and form of local government investment in the water sector under annual municipal budgets (APBD).


The APBD WatSan Index is a spreadsheet-based tool that is organized by the local governmental departments principally responsible for funding water and sanitation activities: Health, Public Works, Planning, Environmental Health, and General Governmental Affairs. IUWASH reviews the line items of each of these respective departments, enters them into the Index tool, and assigns an appropriate classification according to six different expenditure types. The tool then automatically sums the line items by expenditure type and displays them in a variety of charts. Further, the Index then also calculates standardized value to assist in comparison across local governments, including the level of funding as a percentage of the overall APBD as well as on a per capita basis.


The APBD Index data has been an effective means of advocating for increased budget allocation for water and sanitation services. The collective results from more than 50 local governments across Indonesia display an encouraging trend. The first group of local governments collectively averaged about IDR 200 billion over the baseline period of 2009 to 2011, an amount that is now approaching IDR 400 billion in the 2013 APBD.


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