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Strengthening the WASH Financing Environment

Penguatan Lingkungan Pembiayaan Sektor Air Minum, Sanitasi, dan Perilaku Higiene

The flow of WASH financing connects the actors of the urban WASH ecosystem, providing the resources for local governments and local water utilities (PDAMs) to meet the needs of the community.

USAID IUWASH PLUS activities in strengthening the WASH Financing Environment are aimed at expanding financing opportunities for WASH service delivery institutions. There are many sources of financing for water and sanitation utility improvement in Indonesia, the majority through direct government or government-managed financing facilities, but also through commercial banks.

These activities are managed by the Component 3 team and include collaboration with the Indonesian Government, financing partners and others to capitalize on new opportunities and work toward more systematic and sustainable WASH financing; as well as activities related to microfinance and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) development.

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