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Improving Household WASH Services

Peningkatan Layanan Sektor Air Minum, Sanitasi, dan Perilaku Higiene di Tingkat Rumah Tangga

USAID IUWASH PLUS activities in improving household WASH services will address the barriers that impede increased household access to and usage of WASH services.

These activities are managed by the Component 1 team and using a twofold approach: unlocking household demand while strengthening the capacity of private and public sectors suppliers alike. Household demand for both water and sanitation services is significant in Indonesia, with financing representing a critical enabler to translate this demand into more WASH facility. Unlocked demand must, however, be balanced by commensurate supply to meet expectations and avoid service gaps. The Component 1team will therefore also work with suppliers to ensure product/service supply/availability, build capacity, and support a more robust sanitation market.

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