Wednesday, 22 May 2019

USAID IUWASH PLUS E-Newsletter 8th Edition May 2019

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Welcoming Ramadan Mubarak, we present you inspirational stories on how the local governments, private firms, and a charity organization contribute to the increase access to water, sanitation, and hygiene practice for the low income community in the USAID IUWASH PLUS E-Newsletter 8th Edition, May 2019. The E-Newsletter begins with a short report on the launching on a master meter system construction in Bubutan urban village, Surabaya to celebrate the 2019 World Water Day. The master meter system is built through a multi-stakeholder partnership between PDAM Surya Sembada, Coca-Cola Foundation (CCFI) Indonesia, USAID IUWASH PLUS, and community members, and it will be an alternative solution for the communities who lack accessibility to PDAM regular connections. In the next story, Mak Ti, a soto seller and the master meter beneficiary in Bubutan urban village, tells about how the master meter could help her family save expenses. From North Sumatra, we learn that the Medan city government has assisted Belawan Seaport’s loading and unloading workers to access cleaner water at home through communal water supply system. Still about water access improvement, the next story highlights the partnership between BPR Insan Cita and PDAM Tirta Pakuan to develop microfinance scheme to assist low income community members pay for the new PDAM connections. Moving on to sanitation, BPR Bank Magelang and the Housing and Settlement Office of Magelang City launched sanitation microfinance scheme. With the spirit of Ramadan Mubarak, we conclude the E-Newsletter 8th Edition with a story on the cooperation between BAZNAS of Ternate city and the city health office to use zakat to improve low income community’s sanitation access.

We hope that all stories in this E-Newsletter are inspiring.
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