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RFP-REQ-JAK-21-0010 Hotel Meeting Package for City of Bogor For Period May 3, 2021 – November 2, 2021

Jumat, 9 April 2021
Deadline Friday, 23 April 2021
Contact Info Iuwash_Plus_Procurement@dai.com

Issued Date : April 9, 2021
Title: RFP-REQJAK-21-0010


Hotel Meeting Package for City of Bogor

For Period May 3, 2021 – November 2, 2021


Issuing Office & Email/Physical Address for Submission of Proposals:

Indonesia Urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (IUWASH Plus) Jakarta , Mayapada Tower 1, 10th Floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 28, Jakarta 12920 ;

Email : IWPLProc_InboxJKT@dai.com
Deadline for Receipt of Proposals: April 23, 2021 at the latest 16. 00 p.m.

Soft copy to IWPLProc_InboxJKT@dai.com
Point of Contact: Iuwash_Plus_Procurement@dai.com
Anticipated Award Type: PO / Contract 


Basis for Award: An award will be made based on the Lowest Price Technically Acceptable Method.

The award will be issued to the responsible and reasonable offeror who submitting the lowest evaluated price that meets or exceed the acceptability requirements for technical/ non-cost factors described in this.


The USAID Indonesia Urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Penyehatan Lingkungan Untuk Semua (IUWASH PLUS) program is a five-a-half-year initiative designed to assist the Government of Indonesia (GOI) in increasing access to water supply and sanitation services as well as improving key hygiene behaviors among urban poor and vulnerable populations. USAID IUWASH PLUS works with governmental agencies, the private sector, NGOs, communities and others to achieve the following “high level” results:

  1. An increase of 1,100,000 people in urban areas with access to improved water supply service quality, of which at least 500,000 are from the poorest 40% of the population (also referred to as the “Bottom 40%” or “B40”), vulnerable groups or Indonesia’s eastern provinces; and
  1. An increase of 500,000 people in urban areas with access to safely managed sanitation

To ensure that improvements in access to WASH services are sustained, USAID IUWASH PLUS is guided by a development hypothesis that focuses on strengthening service delivery systems, so they can more effectively reach the poorest and most vulnerable segments of the population. In order to achieve this at scale, the program undertakes activities through four interrelated components, including: 1) improving household WASH services; 2) strengthening city WASH institutional performance; 3) strengthening the WASH financing environment; and 4) advancing national WASH advocacy, coordination and communication. In support of these components, USAID IUWASH PLUS also implements a Local Sustainability and Innovation Component (LSIC) that is designed to stimulate WASH innovations that strengthen community, private sector and government WASH service provision.



As the workload of program activities will increase in the coming months, which for most of the activities IUWASH PLUS will needed venue to hold meeting and training, where hotels are usually used for holding meeting and training event. Hotels have the facility needed for IUWASH PLUS activities where they provide meeting packages that include meals and meeting room. We need to request procurement through Blanket Purchase Agreement, or BPA, as a simplified method of filling recurring needs for venue at hotels that include meeting packages by vendors in 8 working Cities / Districts of WJDT below:

  1. City of Bogor
  2. District of Bogor
  3. District of Karawang
  4. City of Depok
  5. District of Tangerang
  6. City of Bekasi
  7. DKI Jakarta
  8. District of Purwakarta (some of the activities are near this region)


The District of Purwakarta is not our assisted location but is included in the list as the hotels in Purwakarta are near to the hotspots areas of the District of Karawang.


WJDT will choose two hotels from every city and district based on recommendation from WJDT wash facilitator and specialist, where they have frequently used these hotels for holding meeting and training. A list hotel is also attached.



To establish Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with 2 hotels in the WJDT assisted cities/districts and the district of Purwakarta to provide meeting package.


Technical Requirements:

  • Hotels have qualification to provide meeting package (half day, full day, and full board)
  • Meeting rooms have meeting facilities, that include projector, screen, white board, standard sound system, microphone, meeting stationary, wifi access.
  • Cost will not exceed approved budget in the (BPA).
  • The payment can be processed after delivered the service.
  • Order can be made by phone and text message
  • Invoices/billing will be sent to IUWASH PLUS
  • Original invoice must be submitted
  • Invoice is sufficiently detailed in describing what was procured
  • Have a term of payment and willing to be transferred


Time Line

The services are expected to be used May 3, 2021 to November 2, 2021.




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