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Individual Consultant for Capacity Building for Community Based Organization (CBO) Water Supply Communal System Kabupaten Lumajang (Iklan Ini Hanya Tersedia Dalam Bahasa Inggris)

Jumat, 12 Oktober 2018
Deadline Friday, 26 October 2018
Contact Info iwplproc_surabaya@dai.com

Individual Consultant for Capacity Building for Community Based Organization (CBO)
Water Supply Communal System Kabupaten Lumajang

The USAID Indonesia Urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Penyehatan Lingkungan Untuk Semua (IUWASH PLUS) program is a five-year initiative designed to assist the Government of Indonesia (GOI) in increasing access to water supply and sanitation services as well as improving key hygiene behaviors among urban poor and vulnerable populations.
USAID IUWASH PLUS works with governmental agencies, the private sector, NGOs, communities and others to achieve the following “high level” results:
1. An increase of one million people in urban areas with access to improved water supply service quality, of which at least 500,000 are from the poorest 40% of the population (also referred to as the “Bottom 40%” or “B40”), vulnerable groups or Indonesia’s eastern provinces; and
2. An increase of 500,000 people in urban areas with access to safely managed sanitation.
To ensure that improvements in access to WASH services are sustained, USAID IUWASH PLUS is guided by a development hypothesis that focuses on strengthening service delivery systems, so they can more effectively reach the poorest and most vulnerable segments of the population. In order to achieve this at scale, the program undertakes activities through four interrelated components, including: 1) improving household WASH services; 2) strengthening city WASH institutional performance; 3) strengthening the WASH financing environment; and 4) advancing national WASH advocacy, coordination and communication. In support of these components, USAID IUWASH PLUS also implements a Local Sustainability and Innovation Component (LSIC) that is designed to stimulate WASH innovations that strengthen community, private sector and government WASH service provision.
DAI, the implementer of the “The USAID Indonesia Urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene ‘Penyehatan Lingkungan Untuk Semua’ (IUWASH PLUS) project, invites qualified offerors to submit proposals to supply and deliver “Individual Consultant for Capacity Building for Community Based Organization Water Supply Communal System Kabupaten Lumajang for Period Nov 2018 to Feb 2019 as a Local Facilitator who will be contracted as a Personal Contractor”.
Local Facilitator serves as an implementing partner of USAID IUWASH PLUS, to work with community in Desa Jarit and Desa Sumber Rejo Kecamatan Candipuro, Desa Nguter Kecamatan Pasirian and Desa Ranuyoso Kecamatan Ranuyoso, especially about operational and maintenance of SPAM Komunal facilities. The activities as follows.
• Collecting the Desa’s profile, include the existing condition of water supply, total house connection that served by the SPAM Komunal that just constructed, etc.

• Facilitate community process to form the CBO (Community Based Organization) and its members in 4 desa that responsible for operational and maintenance of SPAM Komunal facilities.

• Advocate the local government about the importance of supporting the CBO. The CBO must be legalized by Kepala Desa Decree.

• Capacity building for the CBO with these topics but not limited to :
– Assist the CBO to make the STATUTES AND BYLAWS.
– Increase knowledge for CBO about SPAM Komunal system and facilities in technical aspect.
– Assist CBO to make standard operation procedure (SOP) for routine activity regarding operational and maintenance SPAM Komunal facilities.
– Assist CBO on troubleshooting during the operational of SPAM Komunal (can be vary in each desa, based on its assessment and identification).
– Assist the CBO to calculate the tariff and inform it to SPAM Komunal customer.
– Assist the CBO to make promotion tools for SPAM Komunal customer regarding safe water, household drinking water treatment, customer rights and obligations, the dos and the don’ts, etc.
– Assist the CBO about administration and bookkeeping of the CBO operational.
– Other doable activities that needed to support CBO activities to guarantee the sustainability of SPAM Komunal facilities.

• Work closely with local government at desa level.
As for the best result of the implementation on its duties, Local Facilitator activities will be under the supervision of East Java Regional USAID IUWASH PLUS team.

Specialist Required
Manpower required for this program is one who responsible for Local Facilitator, with the following qualifications :
Education Background
a. S-1 bachelor’s degree, in Environmental Engineering, or
b. S-1 bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.

Working Method
a. Good understanding of community mobilization activities.
b. Good understanding of SPAM Komunal System.

Past Performance
a. Minimum 5 years experiences in community based, especially in WASH sector.
b. Preferably having work experience in WSLIC or PAMSIMAS program.

Budget & Time schedule
The budget ceiling for this activity is Rp 50.000.000,00 (fifty million rupiah) and covers all labor, transportation, equipment rental, reporting, writing, communication, computer, and other direct costs. The payment will be released based on achievement during 4 month since November 2018 to February 2019.


RFP_REQ-EJR-18-0106 Local Facilitator for Lumajang

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