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With A Business Plan, PDAM Tirta Aji Aims for Expanding Its Service Coverage

With A Business Plan, PDAM Tirta Aji Aims for Expanding Its Service Coverage

PDAM Tirta Aji in Wonosobo district has a big target to achieve in 2025. The RISPAM (the master plan for the water supply system) of Wonosobo district has set a target for the PDAM to deliver piped water services to 100 percent of the population in its technical areas or equal to around 560 thousand people by 2025.

Yet, the current service coverage of PDAM Tirta Aji is still 67.9 percent of the total population in its technical areas.

In order to achieve this goal, PDAM Tirta Aji requires a strategic, holistic, and effective business plan. Moreover, the previous PDAM’s business plan expired in 2019.

To cater for this need, PDAM Tirta Aji with assistance from USAID IUWASH PLUS developed a business plan development for the period of 2020–2024 from July 2019 to February 2020. During these eight months, USAID IUWASH PLUS also increased capacity of the PDAM so that they are able to develop the business plan independently in the future.

According to the 2020–2024 business plan, PDAM Tirta Aji aims to expand its service coverage to 82.4 percent of the total population in its technical areas or equal with 463 thousand people ( 115,785 house connections). The percentage is calculated with estimation that the population in PDAM Tirta Aji’s technical area in 2024 reaches around 562 thousand people.

In parallel with the service expansion, the PDAM also plans to increase water capacity in the amount of 214 Lps during 2020-2024. With such improvement, the PDAM expects to increase its water capacity to 945.46 Lps in 2024 from 731.46 Lps in 2019.

PDAM Tirta Aji estimates that the company will require Rp132.8 billion to finance all these initiatives. This budget is shared among the internal PDAM’s fund, the district government, and the national government.

In other words, support from all stakeholders is vital to enable the PDAM to implement its business plan.

Therefore, PDAM Tirta Aji, with assistance from USAID IUWASH PLUS, conducted a business plan workshop on February 28, 2020, during which Wonosobo Mr. Eko Purnomo stated his commitment to support the PDAM carry out its business plan. This statement was made through the Regional Secretary of Wonosobo district, Mr. One Andang Wardoyo.

Not to lose any moment, PDAM Tirta Aji, the PDAM supervisory board, and the economy division of the regional secretary of Wonosobo district immediately continued advocating the regent to sign the business plan until the end of May 2020. This long process paid off when the regent signed the 2020–2024 business plan of PDAM Tirta Aji in early June 2020.

The Executive Director of PDAM Tirta Aji, Mr. Muchammad Sjahid, hopes “the business plan signed by the regent becomes the legal basis for the PDAM to implement our annual programs, so that we are able to achieve the five years-targets stated in the document.”

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