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Thursday, 14 November 2019

Wonosobo District Government To Accelerate the Achievement of 100 Percent Sanitation Service

Wonosobo District Government To Accelerate the Achievement of 100 Percent Sanitation Service

Wonosobo district government conducted a seminar and exposition of Kolaborasi Sanitasi Merawat Negeri (the collaboration for sanitation to protect the country) at Adipura Kencana Building on November 6, 2019.

This event was supported by USAID IUWASH PLUS, KOTAKU, water.org, Bank Indonesia, and private firms. Present in the event were the Vice Regent of Wonosobo district, Agus Subagyo, and the representatives of the national and provincial governments, the district’s OPDs, and villages.

Kolaborasi Sanitasi Merawat Negeri aimed at building a common vision among the stakeholders to accelerate the achievement of 100 percent sanitation service.

Wonosobo district government is committed to supporting Central Java Province’s target to achieve 100 percent ODF in 2021. In order to achieve this target, the district government targets the construction of 15 thousand toilets with septic tanks in 265 villages.

To achieve the target, a number of villages/urban villages are committed to building 2,000 toilets with septic tanks using the 2020 village fund, and the district government will allocate DAK to build 5,000 toilets with septic tanks. As such private sector and micro-finance institutions are encouraged to contribute to the construction of the remaining 8,000 septic tanks.

During the event, the Vice Regent of Wonosobo district also inaugurated a sanitation task force whose members consist of the relevant local government working units, PKK, the military, BUMD, women groups, and youth groups.

The task force will develop sanitation improvement programs, such as advocacy and education on clean and healthy behavior, encourage public participation, and conduct the monitoring and evaluation.
The Vice Regent hopes that the task force will develop a solid coordination and cooperation to create community welfare in Wonosobo.

In addition to the task force inauguration, at couple of sanitation access improvement programs were also launched in the event, such as the KOLAM SUSU application for collecting data, enabling reporting, and further collaboration in the sanitation improvement access as well as a micro-credit scheme developed by PD BPR.BKK Wonosobo with assistance from water.org.

Also in the exposition, USAID IUWASH PLUS promoted hygiene behavior change in the form hand-washing with soap activities.

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