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Monday, 8 January 2018

Dissemination of SPAM and IPAL in Parombunan Urban Village

Dissemination of SPAM and IPAL in Parombunan Urban Village

The Public Works Office of Sibolga City and USAID IUWASH PLUS held a dissemination meeting on SPAM (Water Supply Sistem) and IPAL (Waste Water Treatment Plant) development in Parombunan urban village on November 29, 2017. This meeting was attended by 50 participants comprising of community members, representatives from the Public Works Office, Health Office, head of South Sibolga sub-district, head of Parombunan urban village and all officials of this village.

Members of Parombunan village listening to the explanation about communal WWTP

The community in Parombunan urban village, South Sibolga sub-district, Sibolga city is still facing challenges in having access to sanitation facilities. They are also still practicing open defecation. To overcome this situation, the Public Works Office in Sibolga city has planned to construct a communal IPAL in the neighborhood IV in Parombunan urban village. The dissemination meeting was aimed at introducing the community members to the development of communal SPAM in three locations and communal IPAL in one location in this village, the plan of developing a communal IPAL in the Neighborhood IV of Kelurahan Parombunan, as well as the USAID IUWASH PLUS activities in this village.

”This meeting is really helpful in supporting us, the urban village official, for introducing IPAL to our community,” said Firman Larosa, the head of Parombunan urban village.

In this meeting, USAID IUWASH PLUS and the participants discussed on the benefits of the presence of IPAL in the neighborhood, the establishment of behavior change cadres to increase community awareness on IPALm and the USAID IUWASH PLUS commitment to support WASH in Parombunan urban village.
“From this meeting, know I become better informed regarding the benefits of WWTP,” said Zulkifli Lubis, the behavior change cadre.

To follow up this meeting, in the upcoming activities, USAID IUWASH PLUS will support the Parombunan urban village through the empowerment of the behavior change cadres and providing them with WASH-related knowledge, participatory assessment and triggering activities and establishment of community based organization responsible for O&M of WWTP.

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