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Advancing National WASH Advocacy, Coordination, and Communication

Memajukan Advokasi, Koordinasi dan Komunikasi Sektor Air Minum, Sanitasi, dan Perilaku Higiene

Advancing National WASH Advocacy activities are aimed at advancing USAID IUWASH PLUS’s best practices and lessons learned at the national level for scale up, nation-wide adoption and replication. A secondary objective is to ensure complementarity of USAID IUWASH PLUS tasks with those of relevant key stakeholders at the national level and document and disseminate activity best practices.

These activities are managed by the Component 4 team and will bring regional successes and lessons learned under Components 1, 2, and 3 to scale, informing the national WASH agenda in support of broader sector transformation; enhance the collection, dissemination, and integration of lessons learned and best practices to improve national policies and programs through evidence-based advocacy and policy dialogue; and work to strengthen coordination and advocacy among national government agencies.

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